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The Tesouro application lets you search for and download information contained in the dababase and it also displays maps of your results. The tool allows you to perform simple searches (based on a variant or a headword) and advanced searches (using location, semantic class, headword, variant and category filters).

Simple search

A simple search lets you get information about a headword or a dialect form (variant). After selecting one or the other of these search tyes, either write the whole word in the box or choose one of the suggested forms.

By default, searches are not sensitive to diacritics. If you wish to search for exact matches check the Sensitive to diacritics box.

A headword search brings together all phonetic and written variants of a given headword. Forms obtained with derivational morphemes are treated as separate headwords.

A variant search lets you locate all occurrences of a given written or phonetic form in the database.

The search results are displayed in alphabetic order in a table. The geographical distribution of forms is mapped under the results box. On the left, there is a column with general information grouped into location, semantic field, headwords and variants. These classifiers also serve as filters to narrow the information down.


Search results



Search results

This box displays search results: the text appearing in the original source, additional information, and an indication of whether there is an associated drawing or picture, location (BR, GL or PT) and the pertinent semantic classification. When you hover the pointer over any of the columns the corresponding location map is highlighted. In the top left corner of the box, the number of records found is indicated. In the top right corner, an icon lets you download the displayed information (search results and maps).

The textual information is sorted according to the following fields:

variant | phonetic transcription | part of speech | definition | examples | cross-references | bibliographical references | headword | part of speech of headword


This area displays a summary of the information making up the search results, grouped by four different criteria: location (the areas where the forms searched for were found), semantic field (the semantic fields associated with the search results), headwords (the headwords corresponding to the various forms) and variants (variants associated with the headword). On the right of each criterion a number indicates how many items figure in each group. These elements also serve as filtering options that may be applied to the search results. By default, these options are selected for the first search. To switch a filter off, just uncheck the corresponding box.


In this section, the geographical distribution of the records that figure in the results section are superimposed on an area map (concellos for Galicia, municipios for Portugal and mesorregiões for Brazil). When you place the pointer over an area you will see the name of the administrative division in question. When you hover over a (blue) coloured area, in the search results and filters sections the records corresponding to that area are highlighted.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows searches for headwords and variants in the database using filters for location (Brazil, Galicia or Portuga), semantic field (sky, time, water, farmland ec.) and part of speech (noun, adjective, verb etc.). There can be one condition, or several can be combined, e.g. all variants of Portugal, or Galician headwords that are adverbs, or variants from Portugal in the semantic class of farming practices that are nouns, and so on. Besides the textual information, the geographical location of forms is also shown in the results.

Search results


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