Verb constructions and sentence syntax

Team members: 
Soraya Domínguez Portela
María Pereira Maceda
Luz Varela Armas

The "Verb constructions and sentence syntax" project (Construcións verbais e sintaxe da oración or ConVerSO) serves two main purposes: the specific objective is to develop a dictionary of verb constructions that consists of a semantic description of the most frequent verbs in Galician; additionally, it has the more general goal of building a data base with information about sentence syntax: syntactic constituents, word order and formal expresion. An agreement for cooperation between RAG and USC (through ILG) was drawn up and signed late in 2010 which establishes a joint commitment lasting until 2014.

Execution date: 
2010 to 2018
Funded by: 
Real Academia Galega. Entidades colaboradoras: Real Academia Galega e Instituto da Lingua Galega