Computerized Mediaeval Corpus of the Portuguese Language

Team members: 
César Osorio Peláez

The Computerized Mediaeval Corpus of the Portuguese Language (Tesouro Medieval Informatizado da Lingua Portuguesa or TMILP) forms part of the Tesouro Medieval Galego-Portugués which covers the mediaeval linguistic corpus of Galicia and Portugal, within which it constitutes the Dom Dinís section which is the latter’s Portuguese component. It contains mediaeval texts written in Portuguese Romance

No new works were added to the data base in 2012. This is the responsibility of a group at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Cooperation with João Malaca Casteleiro (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa) and Maria Francisca Xavier (Centre for Linguistics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa) remains open, and will eventually result in the much awaited joint mediaeval Galician-Portuguese corpus. Cooperation will be extended in the future to the creation of the Dicionario medieval galego-portugués, already initiated by the Lisbon team with their Dicionario do Português Medieval which will need to be redefined in the future to adapt it to the new framework.

Execution date: 
1992 to 2018
Funded by: 
Sen financiamento externo