Toponymic Inventory of Mediaeval Galicia

Main researcher: 
Team members: 
Manuel Blanco López
Rocío Dourado Fernández
César Osorio Peláez
Iria Pérez Mariño
Carlos Vázquez García

The object of the project Inventario Toponímico da Galicia Medieval (ITGM) is to provide users with all the toponymical material found in Mediaeval Galician documents (both official and non-official), organising this material according to certain linguistic criteria and providing the most reliable and complete geographical and administrative references possible for the different physical entities associated with each place name.

The project began, in 2008, with the development of a structure for storing and on-line consultation of the data in question. A series of four contributions of toponymic materials were added between 2009 and 2012 representing collections of documents from varios districts and Galician geographical areas (Bergantiños, Fisterra, Soneira and Xallas, the region of Celanova, the dioceses of Mondoñedo and Lugo), while at the same time proceding with the harvesting, identification and labelling of toponyms in unofficial Galician documents for inclusion among the sources used by the web application.

Execution date: 
2008 to 2018
Funded by: 
Actualmente sen financiamento