Gramática Histórica da Lingua Galega (GHLG)


The development of a historical Galician grammar (Gramática Histórica da Lingua Galega, GHLG) gave the original push for building a mediaeval Galician corpus. It was kept on the back boiler for a number of years, while work focused chiefly on the Xelmírez Project. It is active in five main areas:

  1. To establish, revise and improve the parameters of lemmatization and parsing of mediaeval texts.
  2. To revise the parameters of analysis of the data base of mediaeval Galician syntax (AOGM).
  3. To prepare (computerize and codify) Middle Galician works (modern era) for the inclusion of linguistic data for this period in general explanations of historical grammar.
  4. To build partial (phonetic, morphological, syntactic, lexical) data bases in which textual attestations of language change will be gathered and codified. Currently the main emphasis is being placed on making systematic records of units of interest for phonetic studies.
  5. Writing certain chapters of the Grammar. Those on the theory of language change, textual sources of the work, the vowel system, the consonant system, the verb, the possessive and quantifying adverbs are well advanced.
Execution date: 
2007 to 2018
Funded by: 
Carece de financiamento