Digital Library of Mediaeval Galician

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In December, 2012 the first instalment went on line of the Digital Library of Mediaeval Galician (Biblioteca Dixital da Galicia Medieval, BGM). The initial goal of this joint project, under the aegis of the Galician universities of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and A Coruña, is to make publicly available from the Instituto da Lingua Galega a package of resources to support research on different aspects of mediaeval Galicia. The first instalment only contains textual resources, but later versions will include graphic, bibliographical, artistic, literary and other materials as well.

It was decided to start with items that have both high scientific and symbolic value, so the choice made for this introduction was the eleven volumes of the Historia de la Santa A.M. Iglesia de Santiago de Compostela by Antonio López Ferreiro (Santiago: Imprenta y Enc. del Seminario Conciliar Central [1898-1909]). Currently volumes II and III are available. The complete texts of these can be accessed and are available for on-screen viewing in a PDF format of the scanned source edition.

Execution date: 
2012 to 2018
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