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Galician and Portuguese word bank  (Tesouro do léxico patrimonial galego e portugués) is a lexical database giving quick and easy access to the information found in studies of the Galician, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese dialect lexicon.

This database makes it easy to query the entire contents of lexicographical and dialect studies which, in some cases, may be difficult for researchers to gain direct access to. Data provided in the sources is structured into variants, headwords, semantic fields and geographical location. Data in text format is supplemented by map representations of each item's geographical distribution.

Begun in 2009 as an initiative of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela's Instituto da Lingua Galega, the Tesouro project is now the joint product of a network of twenty universities all across Galicia, Brazil and Portugal.

Search queries can be based on a choice of lexical forms (either variants or headwords), location (Galicia, Portugal or Brazil) or the associated semantic field.

The Tesouro database is continually updated through the cooperation of the participating bodies. As of 2014, it is accessible to the public free of charge.


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