Tesouro Informatizado da Lingua Galega


When I open the search results downloaded in Excel, I see strange characters. How can I fix this?

If you have Excel installed on your computer, when you download the search results tell the browser to download but not to open the document. Open Excel and choose “Data / From Text”. Select the downloaded file, and in the dialogue box or boxes displayed choose UTF-8 character encoding in every case; select “Tab” as the field separator.

The application takes too long to return results.

The application usually resolves queries quickly and rarely takes longer than a few seconds. However, on account of the high-power query system now available, some queries may take a long time to process. In such cases we recommend that you try to refine the search query to generate a smaller number of results, for example by limiting the search to just one type of genre or medium or adjusting the search chain if it contains wildcards.