Wedisyn’s Fourth Workshop on Syntactic Variation

The Wedisyn network for research in dialect syntax (Dialect Syntax in Westmost Europe) shall hold the next annual meeting from 18th to 19th April in Santiago de Compostela. This will be the fourth conference following the meetings in Baiona, Barcelona and Oviedo. The conference will be jointly organised by the FILGA research group and the Instituto da Lingua Galega (USC).

Attendance is free.

Wedisyn 2013 poster (PDF)

Organising commiteeCCEUx
Xulio Sousa (ILG-USC), chief
Rosario Álvarez Blanco (ILG-USC)
Ernestina Carrilho (CLUL-UL)
Beatriz Fernández (UPV/EHU)MINICO
Xulio Viejo (UO)

Research project
Linguistic change in modern Galician UE(FFI2012-33845, MINECO)